Gallery of Markus Könönen

Years 2018 – 2019

Markus Könönen participated in GT Sport FIA Nations Cup in years 2018 and 2019.

Markus Könönen Nürburgring 2018
Markus Könönen Monaco 2019

Year 2008

Eurosports coverage of the Grand Finale of the “Virtual World Touringcar Championship” held on location in Monza, Italy. The winner, Swedish Roland Ehnström, received the keys to a brand new Chevrolet HHR. The third Markus Könönen got prize money 3 000 €. Pictures where Markus keeps blue shirt are from the Monza event.

Before The Grand Finale of the “V-WTCC “, there was qualifying competition in BrandHatch circuit in UK. Markus didn’t have luck in that race because of crash on the track.

Markus Könönen Monza 2008
Monza 2008
Markus Könönen Brandshatch 2008
Markus Könönen Brandshatch 2008 racing
Markus Könönen Brandshatch 2008 - racing
Markus Könönen Brandshatch 2008 - waiting
Brandshatch 2008 - real race
Markus Könönen Brandhatch 2008 - start time

Year 2001

Setups where different at 2001! The second picture is about prize that Markus won from the live race held in Corsica.

Markus Könönen practising at home 2001
Corsica 2001 - price of Markus Könönen

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